Kill Bill – Genesis

by | Jun 27, 2013 | About Kill Bill | 0 comments

Kill Bill is a open-source subscription billing and payments platform. Fully extensible, you can build your business logic on top of it for a customized billing and payments solution.

In a tragic world run amok with billing errors and fleeing customers there was hatched a small duck, Killian (Kill) Bill. He began life as a twinkle in his creators’ eyes. A new hope, a savior.

Trained by British Military Intelligence, Kill became the best of the best. He lived and breathed trials, discounts and addons. He could talk fluently to dozens of payment gateways. He could prorate on a whim. He drank whiskey straight with no ice, and the babes loved him.

After two years of grueling training, tests, dry runs and migrations, Kill Bill finally earned his wings: v0.0.7 “Licensed to Bill”.

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