The Honest Duck, Issue 3

July 2021

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Here’s the TL;DR on what’s going on with Kill Bill:

  • Since our last newsletter, we’ve had four Kill Bill software releases: 0.22.21 – 0.22.24.
  • Our software development partner released an open-source Braintree plugin.
  • We’ve published three new videos about Kill Bill and Kaui.
  • Kill Bill was spotlighted in a blog post by a software development firm.
  • We wrote an article about how Equinix Metal uses Kill Bill.

Latest Kill Bill Release

The latest release of Kill Bill is 0.22.24, and you can see the details in the GitHub release notes.

Newly Released Open-Source Plugin

We mentioned in our previous newsletter that our software development partner, Wovenware, was soon to release an open-source Braintree plugin. It’s now released, and you can access it here:

Kill Bill users can use the Braintree plugin as their payment processor for credit/debit cards, ACH, PayPal, Venmo, and many other payment methods.

Wovenware has worked on many Kill Bill plugins and customization in the past, so if you need assistance, they’re your go-to! For more info, please go here.

Kill Bill’s Origin and Other Videos

If you’ve ever wondered how Kill Bill came about, this Payments Tech Talk (recorded in 2015) explains. The video is rather long, so we asked our instructional designer to shorten it. This shortened version includes links in text description area so you can jump to the “Why Kill Bill was created” section.

The same talented instructional designer has also created two short tutorials about Kaui. This is the start of a series of videos to help users get familiar with the admin user interface:

You can see all of our YouTube videos here:

Kill Bill Featured in a B2B Blog Post

Kill Bill was recently spotlighted in a blog post by a German software consulting firm, doubleSlash. Among other specialties, doubleSlash focuses on subscription management for digital services. Overall, their blog post is a positive review of Kill Bill. DoubleSlash stated:

“It was easy to map our plans into Kill Bill. We particularly liked the ease [with which] the relationships between the plans can be modeled. Even without a product demo, it only took us [a] little effort to reach our desired result.” – Maximilian Göke

Of course, we couldn’t resist responding with our own blog post, “On the Road to Subscription Billing with Kill Bill.”

Equinix Metal and Kill Bill

Pierre wrote an article that was published on the Equinix Metal website, explaining how they’re using Kill Bill:

Nothing simple about this project, but that’s what we enjoy!

Team Member Spotlight

We’re very proud to highlight one of our tech writers, Jim Mooney. Jim has a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Notre Dame and Master’s and PhD degrees from Ohio State.

He was a faculty member at West Virginia University for many years and also a freelance consultant. He’s the co-author of a book on operating systems that was published in 1988.Jim’s research and consulting areas of interest include software portability and interoperability, industry and military standards, legacy applications, operating systems, long-term archiving, and high-performance computing. He specializes in developing and documenting APIs and software interfaces. Thanks for all your hard work, Jim!

Jim Mooney

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Stéphane and Pierre

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