The Honest Duck, Issue 4

October 2021

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Here’s what has been going on with Kill Bill these past few months:

  • A soon-to-be-released Kill Bill on AWS product
  • Since our last newsletter, we’ve had two Kill Bill software releases
  • New tutorials for Kaui are available
  • We stumbled across a new-to-us open-source catalog plugin
  • three-part blog series 

Also, don’t miss our shameless name-drop of a new telecommunications company on the verge of using Kill Bill.

An AWS Product Perfect for Testing

We’re getting ready to add a new product to our Kill Bill on AWS lineup. This entirely serverless infrastructure, managed by Amazon ECS, lets developers focus on application development… not the infrastructure.

While we recommend using our CloudFormation template to deploy a production-ready environment, running Kill Bill on ECS is a great way to quickly deploy test environments.

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Latest Kill Bill Release: 0.22.27

The latest release of Kill Bill is 0.22.27, and you can see the details in the GitHub release notes.

New Kaui Tutorial Videos

Our instructional designer has been working hard to create short tutorial videos for Kaui. This is what’s new on the Kill Bill YouTube channel:

Whether you’re just getting started or evaluating Kill Bill and Kaui, we hope these videos are helpful.

We Stumble Across an Open-Source Catalog Plug-In

Hundreds of public and private companies use Kill Bill, but it’s still heartening to find out that it is also applicable to the not-for-profit sector. Enter tech entrepreneur Salton Massally.

He found Kill Bill ideal for MiKashBoks (“my cash box”), a group-based savings and lending social-financial app. It helps rural people in developing countries participate in self-help financial groups.

Well, ideal except for the Kill Bill catalog. Massally needed a more dynamic catalog to handle the constantly changing savings groups, savings amounts, and withdrawals. His solution, a catalog plugin, is further described in this article.

Blog Series: Subscription Product Catalog

Coincidentally, we recently completed a series of blog posts on the subscription product catalog. For those Kill Bill experts out there, this may be No Big Deal, but if you’re new to Kill Bill, we hope you find it useful!

Kill Bill and Telecommunications

We are often asked if Kill Bill can be used for telecom billing. That’s a resounding “yes!”

Recently, Dansk Kabel, the largest telecommunications provider in Sweden, began their Kill Bill journey alongside our partner, Wovenware.  🎉

As part of the integration project for Dansk Kabel, Wovenware has developed a custom Kill Bill plugin that allows them to more efficiently manage online customer payments. If you need some development expertise with Kill Bill, you can find out more here.

Team member spotlight

Software developer Joel Batista is part of the Kill Bill extended team via our partnership with Wovenware. He has worked in software development for over seven years and began working with the Kill Bill code in 2017.Previous to this, Joel spent some time in the technical support trenches. His experience in understanding the customers’ point of view is likely what makes him such an astute and conscientious developer.Joel has a Electrical Engineering B.S. degree and a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering, both from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico.

Joel Battista

About Wovenware

Wovenware is a nationally recognized software development firm. They can help your organization achieve a customized billing system with plugin development or any other software engineering work needed to configure, extend, and integrate Kill Bill with internal and third-party systems.

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