Kill Bill on AWS

Determine the best setup for your organization

If you want to run Kill Bill on AWS, you’re in the right place. You can get started immediately by clicking an option below or get more details from our AWS documentation

Single AMI with MariaDB

⊳ Single-Tier ⊲

  • Perfect for prototyping & test environments
  • Kill Bill server, Kaui, and MariaDB run in the same EC2 instance

CloudFormation with Amazon Aurora

⊳ Multi-Tier ⊲

  • Production ready setup in minutes (most popular)
  • Separate AMIs for Kill Bill server & Kaui
  • Auto-scaling groups of instances for Kill Bill server & Kaui
  • RDS database instance

Single AMI with External Database

⊳ Multi-Tier ⊲

Fully customizable production environment (advanced users)

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About Single AMI Deployments (Single-Tier vs. Multi-Tier)

Single AMI deployments are a great way to easily get started, especially with the Single-Tier option. However, they usually require a bit more setup for production deployments.  This is the difference between the two:


This is an AMI that can be launched with a 1-click button so you can quickly get started. The Kill Bill server, Kaui, and the database runs on one node. It’s convenient to start out, but a bad fit for production deployments.


Again, one single AMI for Kill Bill server and Kaui, but with an external database. Such deployments typically also rely on at least two instances for running the Kill Bill stack to provide the right level of redundancy and zero downtime upgrade deployments.

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