Groupon: Kill Bill as an international payment platform for a large e-commerce site

You are running a large business operation across the world: you need to process payments in multiple currencies, accept many different payment methods (credit and debit cards, online money transfers, SMS and card present solutions, etc.), support different payment flows (with or without PCI scope, hosted payment pages, third-party API integrations, 3D Secure verification, etc.) and interact with many different payment gateways.

Kill Bill is an ideal and well proven solution to address this problem:

  • It provides generic payment APIs that abstract this complexity from the web developers and front-end teams
  • It is designed around a robust payment core system, that ensures safe payment transitions, provides audit trail and full payment history, allows to configure retry operations if necessary, and notifies other systems about the status of the payments
  • Its plugin capability allows you to extend the platform to connect to any gateway, or add specific pieces of custom business logic
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Ning: Subscription Billing

You are running a online business and need to charge your customers using complex invoicing schemes: you want to offer recurring products and/or charge based on usage. Your products may need to offer trial and discount phases, add-ons and you need the flexibility to specify how products should be invoiced (group subscriptions on one invoice, configure how the system should behave upon cancellation, etc.). Existing SaaS solutions often lack flexibility, make it really hard to test the system, and own your most precious data, which is required to get insights into your business and generate financial reports. Kill Bill has been designed specifically to address those needs:

  • It allows you to configure your products and plans into a catalog, and allows you to customize the behavior of the system
  • It offers a set of powerful APIs for all the subscription management (creation/upgrade/downgrade/cancellation)
  • Depending on the configuration, invoices and payments can happen immediately or at a later date
  • It provides traceability through audit and operation history
  • It provides hooks to plug custom business logic
  • It comes with analytics reports that allow you to customize the metrics you are interested in (Churn, LTV, etc.)
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SafeKiddo: Kill Bill as a custom billing & payment platform

You are a startup and have a set of requirements about implementing a billing and/or payment solution. You need to build upon a solid and modular base platform, and add your custom business logic: maybe you are looking to experiment with new invoicing models, implement solutions for the next generation of crypto-currencies, etc. Kill Bill is a great match:

  • It is open source, robust, feature-rich and free
  • It offers many ways to meet your requirements (plugins for custom business logic, powerful catalog, …)
  • It already contains a lot of plugins that can be used off the shelf and would provide a good starting point
  • It has a vibrant mailing-list for questions