Payments Platform

Kill Bill’s payment module is used in the context of the Kill Bill Subscription Billing solution to automatically make payments when invoices are generated. However Kill Bill also offers a direct payment API.
Kill Bill interfaces with payment providers (payment gateways, issuing banks, credit card companies) via a well defined plugin API. This makes it easy to add new payment providers if you need to interface with providers that we do not already support.

Features of the Kill Bill Payments Platform Include:

Single API

The integration with your internal systems is simplified as a single API is exposed across all payment providers. Your front-end team doesn’t need to know the type of payment method (credit card, SEPA, Boleto, …), the country or even the gateway to use to make a payment: Kill Bill offers a single payment API. It is yet flexible enough to support more advanced workflows (such as to specify 3D Secure verification fields).

Payment Flows

Kill Bill supports virtually all types of payment flows: directly with a bank if you are an acquirer or with a payment gateway, indirectly through hosted payment pages (PayPal model), offline payment methods (such as the Boleto) and even cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and altcoins).

It has been also integrated with additional layers of security, such as 3D Secure and Apple Pay.

Payment Routing

Don’t rely on a single gateway or acquirer to process your payments: Kill Bill can detect downtimes and route your payments to alternative processors in real-time to avoid loss of revenue. Additionally, you can optimize your margins by controlling how many payments should flow through each provider.

Real-Time Push Notifications

With Kill Bill it is very easy to register to any event that happened in the system because at its core, it is based on events, and so all these events are available to outside consumers. The payment space relies on a lot of asynchronous systems or even legacy systems where latency can be very high. The ability to register to push notifications becomes critical in this environment.


Kill Bill has been designed to be fault tolerant against third party errors. An internal state machine tracks the lifecycle of each payment and attempts to repair dangling states (caused by connection timeouts for instance) by querying the gateways.

Payment Provider Plugin Capabilities

Kill Bill seamlessly integrates with many of the payment providers today including CyberSource, Stripe, Recurly, Litle&co., PayPal and Coinbase. If your business utilizes a different provider – no problem. Simply leverage our plugin capabilities to integrate directly with the payment provider of your choice. We natively support all ActiveMerchant gateways and integrations.

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