Subscription Billing

Kill Bill Subscription Billing gives you all the flexibility you need to manage your subscriptions. Whether you are creating or canceling subscriptions, upgrading and downgrading between plans, or charging customers on a fixed, recurring or usage basis, Kill Bill can support your unique business requirements.

Features of the Kill Bill Subscription Billing Include:

Invoicing and Prorated Billing

Kill Bill generates invoices, when they are required and can prorate off cycle charges onto a single recurring bill cycle. For example, if you have a customer who is billed on the 15th of every month and she buys a product on the 1st of January, Kill Bill can correctly charge her for the partial month 1st – 15th January and then continue to bill her every 15th of the month with the new subscription combined with the others. Invoices can be automatically emailed to customers.

Catalog Features

cat-1Multi-phase plans & Plan Change Rules

Do you need a plan that offers a 30 day trial followed by a 6 months discount period and then a transition to a full price evergreen subscription? Do you need to have trials cancel immediately but have paid plans cancel at the end of their term? Maybe you want upgrades to take place immediately but downgrades to happen at the end of term? No problem. Kill Bill natively supports a powerful catalog where all these policies can be defined.


Product tiers and add-ons

Do you want three tiers of product with some add-ons only available to the top tier customers? Kill Bill has native support for tiered products and add-ons, allowing you to specify which add-ons are available on which product tiers. If the customer downgrades, it automatically cancel add-ons that are no longer available. Of course, Kill Bill can tell you what it’s going to do before you do it, so your users can confirm.


Price lists

Do you want to offer a special set of prices to customers coming in through one of your partners? Maybe they get a 30% price for six months? But what happens if they upgrade during those six months? Maybe you want them to stay in the same price list and get 30% off the new plan, but only for the remainder of the discount period? With Kill Bill, you can arrange plans into Price Lists and provide Plan Change rules to specify exactly the behavior you need.

Event Based Billing

Most cloud based providers have offline billing and payment runs that introduce a delay of sometimes up to 48 hours between when a customer signs up and when their card is charged. Kill Bill runs as an event based system, as soon a subscription is created that triggers an event, which triggers the creation of an invoice, and in turn, triggers a payment. The customer’s card will be charged within seconds of signing up which is better for you and less confusing for them.  


Kill Bill understands the internationalization of currency representation, so that it provides the correct decimal separator, number of decimal places and rounding rules for each locale. All customer interactions, emails, invoices etc. are fully internationalized so you can create invoice and email templates to match the locales of your customers. The dates associated to each customer account are correctly interpreted with regard to the customer timezone. You can also integrate with the tax provider of your choice to add tax codes and line items before closing each invoice.

Customized Business Logic Plugin Capability

In today’s world, the ability to rapidly test and roll out promotions, alternate pricing models and custom billing features are critical to your company’s ability to compete. With conventional cloud-based subscription solutions, you are limited to the capabilities they offer. Before Kill Bill, the only way to have complete control over your billing behavior was by building your own billing system from scratch and few companies have the skills or resources to do that. Kill Bill resolves this dilemma by providing the first Billing Platform. Our plugin architecture allows you to add custom logic that can be triggered by events in the system, which means that the only logic that you need to build are the customizations.

Our plugin system uses the OSGi standard and today we support plugins written in either Java or Ruby.

Overdue Enforcement (Dunning)

Kill Bill allows you to write rules to specify what happens when a customer payment fails. You can choose to take different actions based on the payment failure type, the customer’s plan, the time since the last unpaid invoice etc. This allows you to build multi-phased enforcement where the customer can receive warnings and have features gradually removed until they are finally shut down.

Reporting and Analytics

Kill Bill supports finance reporting (revenue recognition, aging etc.) and business dashboards for monitoring acquisition, monthly recurring revenue and churn (KPI). The reports and analytics can be driven off a separate database so that they do not impact production performance.

Payment Integration Platform

With Kill Bill Subscription Billing you also get all the features of our Payment Integration Platform.

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