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Kill Bill has automated the world's most complex billing problems.

And it’s open-source, so it’s yours.

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"Kill Bill has been amazing to work with. They gave us a solid billing and payment platform flexible enough to support all of the Carfax use cases that other solutions costing 6 figures were not able to provide."


Matt Cervarich
Director of Application Services
Customer since 2015


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What Kill Bill Users Say

“Kill Bill is one of the best billing systems I have worked with to date.”

Colin F.

Technical Director

“Ability to optimize in any way your business may see fit.”

Jo J.

Product Manager

“The peace of mind that all information is within our data center is great.”

Majeed G.


“The built-in admin UI (Kaui) is great. Amazing mailing list support and good documentation.”

Greg P.

Senior Software Engineer

“The system design and feature set allow for easy customization of recurring memberships and payments.”

Stephen H.


“The catalog is a very complete tool, enabling addons, multiple payments, and alignment options.”

Matias G.


some Kill Bill customers

Kill Bill has been the leading open-source billing and payment platform for the past 10 years.
Organizations around the globe, from startups to public companies, trust Kill Bill to invoice billions every year.

What You Can Do with Kill Bill

Scale your billing and payment infrastructure and grow your business.

Access real-time analytics and financial reports. 

Control your business and client data and avoid vendor lock-in. 

Your customer’s data belongs to you. You’ll have real-time access to it with basic or custom reports.

 Test various billing models to see which is most profitable for your business. Run trials and easily accommodate even the briefest promotional discounts.

Kill Bill is free and includes all of the basic billing and payment features. Even if you need to create your own customizations, Kill Bill is still a very affordable solution.

Your business doesn’t need to rely on the uptime or processing speed of a SaaS provider. You choose where to run Kill Bill from.

Don’t want to use the third-party tax provider that’s married to your payment processor? With Kill Bill, you can use your own. Ditto for fraud protection solutions and credit card account updaters.

Use plug-ins to implement specific pieces of logic, such as accepting alternate payments from e-currencies like Bitcoin and Alt-Coins.

Kill Bill is not an all-in-one solution. Instead, it is highly modularized, enabling you to disable functionality you don’t need or replace functionality with one of your existing systems.

On premises or in the cloud, Kill Bill will scale as your business grows. You can also start with Kill Bill in one business area and slowly migrate it to other areas. 

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