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As a reliable open-source billing system and payment gateway in use since 2010, Kill Bill has endeared itself to all types of public and private organizations.

Why is it important that Kill Bill is open-source?

Open-source software (OSS) is freely available to download, study, change, run, and share. And it’s totally free!
No monthly charge
No yearly charge
No per-transaction fees
No hidden charges

What business would choose to use free software?

Open-source software isn’t just for entrepreneurs and startups. Global enterprise organizations use open-source software, too! (Check out these use cases for Kill Bill).
Also, open-source software isn’t a new concept. It’s at least 40 years old – quite mature in internet years. Some well-known open-source software is WordPress and LibreOffice.

What are you allowed to do with Kill Bill? A lot!

Install it on your computer, server, or cloud and use it to bill customers and/or receive payments from them.
Change the software code or add on to it to suit your own business sector or processes.
If you’re a consultant or a consulting company, modify or add to it to help your clients with their billing and payments.
Also, you don’t have to share your modified code or plugins (though as part of the open-source community, we encourage you to do so).

Are there any rules for
using Kill Bill?

Yes. It’s all covered in an open-source license. Kill Bill uses the Apache Version 2.0 license. It basically says what we’ve already explained in the previous sections.
The Apache Version 2.0 license is one of many open-source software licensing models. It’s well-known as one of the more permissive OSS licenses. In fact, it’s the third most popular licensing model used by OSS developers.
One reason the Apache Version 2.0 license is so popular is that it includes a patent grant. That means you don’t have to worry about violating or being sued over any patent infringement.

Isn’t free software untested and unsecure?

Thousands of companies have used open-source software for many years. The longer the software is used, the more time software engineers have to examine the underlying code.
But software engineers don’t just read through the code. They improve its quality by reporting bugs and contributing code fixes and enhancements
Since the software code is freely available to everyone, it becomes more secure and efficient.

But isn’t free software unsupported?

Definitely not true for Kill Bill. We have many support options, starting with the Kill Bill community.
Kill Bill has a professional support team to guide your IT team and recommend best practices. We’re available for planning, implementation, and production support. Check out the support options here.

Where can I learn more about open-source software?

We believe the Open Source Initiative and Wikipedia contributors have described it much more eloquently than we can.

Why consider open-source software?

When choosing your billing and payment platform

Save lots of money

You don’t have to pay a monthly fee, a yearly fee, or any other fee to use Kill Bill. Use the money saved to develop any customized logic or plugins necessary.

Remain flexible

If you believe (as we do) that the billing and payment system is the heart of your business, then it’s absolutely crucial for it to remain as flexible as possible. This is true whether you’re a startup organization, an expanding small-to-medium business, or a multi-billion dollar enterprise.
Using open-source software as a billing and payment platform frees you to pivot in whatever way you need to scale and grow your business. Kill Bill has the functionality and flexibility that lets you experiment with and test numerous pricing and billing strategies.
No contract lock-in
No subscription fees
No feature set restrictions
No third-party vendor restrictions
No data query restrictions

Long-term, stable solution

Open-source software is often more stable and reliable than software from for-profit companies. Companies can merge, get absorbed by another, or go bankrupt.
Users who use open-source software for billing and payment know the software won’t disappear (it’s readily available on the internet) or be abandoned if the original creators stop working on it (the community maintains it).

Full control over updates
and integrations

Follow your own timeline for adding or upgrading features. Easily validate configuration and code changes. Select who you want to integrate with. No worries about software releases that negatively affects your business , gets hacked, or goes offline.

Open and extensible architecture

Open-source software is open by nature and (in the case of Kill Bill) easily extended:
Add your own customer logic.
Integrate with other systems in your infrastructure.
Integrate with any third-party vendor necessary to facilitate billing and payment processing.
You don’t need to rely on a software provider to add the features and integrations your business needs.

Access to a global community of users

When you use a piece of OSS, you can communicate with a global, diverse community of users who may have already implemented a feature you want to develop or have solved a problem you have experienced.
You have access to perspectives, ideas, practices, and concepts that you might not otherwise be exposed to if working with a proprietary system.
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