Payment Platform

Access a Global Payments Ecosystem

Kill Bill interfaces with payment providers (payment gateways, issuing banks, credit card companies) via a well-defined plugin API.
This makes it easy to add new payment providers if you need to communicate with providers not yet supported.

Payment Flows

Support for virtually all payment flows (Examples: banks, payment gateways, hosted payment websites, offline payment methods)

Payment Methods

Support for nearly any payment method (Examples: credit or debit cards, ACH, wire transfers, cryptocurrency, etc.)

Automated Actions

Define actions for failed payments and overdue payments

Payment Routing

Detect downtimes and route payments to alternate processors in real-time

Billing State Management

Loose coupling with billing state to allow for exceptions (such as a grace period for larger accounts)

Security for Compliance

Additional security (3D Secure process, Apple Pay) to conform to regulations for PSD2/SCA (Payment Services Directive 2 / Strong Customer Authentication)

Payment Gateways

Plugins to connect with virtually any payment gateway and processor (Examples: Stripe, Adyen, PayPal, etc.)

Payment Provider Allocation

Control how many payments should flow through each payment provider
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