Kill Bill Overview

Core Features

Kill Bill can fulfill the billing and payment needs of nearly any online business. Reliable and robust, it has proven itself over time with even the largest SaaS and e-commerce organizations.

Kill Bill is an event-based system

Kill Bill data is instantly available for analytics and reporting. Unlike batch-processing systems, Kill Bill creates an invoice and starts payment processing immediately after the appropriate event is triggered.

Plugins provide customized business solutions

Enhance Kill Bill with plugins. For example, use plugins to connect with new payment gateways and processors. Integrate with third-party vendors.

Built-in auditing to support compliance

See a full history of objects in Kaui and who made the changes.

Kill Bill supports multi-tenancy

Run several instances of Kill Bill at once to support multiple stores, locations, or test environments.

Support for custom tags and custom fields

Use custom tags and fields to suit your business, such as tagging a customer as “VIP” for Customer Service.
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