Subscription Billing

Subscription Management

Subscriptions can be created, upgraded, downgraded, paused, cancelled, resumed, renewed, suspended, etc.
Flexible plan management to support multiple billing scenarios and payment plans
Automatic transition of customers from one phase of a plan to the next (Example: from a 7-day trial phase to the evergreen phase)

Catalog Flexibility

Products, Subscriptions, and Add-Ons

Real-time catalog supports subscription plans and one-off products
Product tiers
Variety of subscription types (main subscription, add-on subscriptions, etc.)
Specify add-ons only available with certain product types/levels (when the customer upgrades or downgrades, add-ons that are not available are automatically cancelled)


Catalog rules to determine system behavior when a plan is created, cancelled, or changed
Make catalog changes and specify how and when they apply to new and existing subscriptions
Automatic cancellation of plans based on business rules
Plan change rules to determine when to apply upgrades and downgrades


Multiple phases can have different price and payment terms (Example: $0 trial period followed by $2.99/month for six months, which transitions to an evergreen subscription for $5.99/month)
Price lists with plan change rules to give special pricing to certain customers (Example: Show a discounted price list to referral customers who visit your website via a specific link)


Support for one-time charges (Examples: equipment fee, set-up fee, etc.)
Subscription bundles to bill multiple subscription types as one

Invoice & Billing

Automatic, real-time invoice creation to trigger payment
Automatic invoice proration from refunds, credits, upgrades, chargebacks, adjustments, downgrades, cancellations, etc.
Variety of billing frequencies and billing models (fixed recurring, one-time charge, usage-based, seat-based, etc.)
Aggregate invoicing (bill multiple subscriptions on the same invoice)
Alignment renewals (same-day renewal of base subscription and add-ons)
Billing alignment rules (determine if a plan should be billed independently or on the account billing date)
Tax support on invoices

Analytics & Financial Reporting

Real-time key subscription metrics like MRR, churn, LTV, CAC
Dashboard-building tools


Time zones and localization
Template engine to have invoices and emails in multiple languages
Multiple currencies
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