Get Help with Billing and Payments

Just digging in? Ready to jump-start your next billing and payments project? Need support to navigate the complex billing and payment world? You’re in the right place.


We invite everyone to participate in the Kill Bill Community, where you can learn from other’s past mistakes. If you can’t find your particular problem addressed there, you can always ask a question!
We’re the best open-source billing and payments platform available and plan to stay that way. Our efforts rely on your patronage to continuously maintain and evolve Kill Bill. Check out our sponsorship opportunities.


If your company is using Kill Bill, consider becoming a Sponsor. The Platinum Sponsor tier gives you a dedicated, private Slack channel with the Kill Bill core team. A peace of mind that you can reach someone when you need it.
This is not an Enterprise-level support agreement and does not grant a service level agreement.

Consulting Support

Just getting started with Kill Bill? Do you need help to tackle a specific issue or roadblock? We can help through consulting. We can also explore Kill Bill’s potential to fulfill your requirements by reviewing them and providing an assessment.
Consulting is available in four-hour blocks via a dedicated, private Slack channel with the Kill Bill core team. Each four-hour block is $800.

Check out our partners

Kill Bill has great partners who can help with implementation or nearly any kind of development work (for example, developing plug-ins). They cater to all budget levels and have been working on Kill Bill for years, so they are very familiar with the system. You can find more information about them here.